Money Moves Challenge

Restructure, rethink, and rebuild how capital flows and is accessed in US Black communities.

Key Dates
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"White-American households own 86 times more wealth than Black-American households”

– Forbes Wealth Gap Article 2018

The wealth-gap, created by economic exclusion and value extraction across racial lines is as old as American capitalism itself. We must build better functioning, more inclusive banking and value transfer systems that build wealth and meet the financial needs of our Community. Build with us!

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  • The Problem

    Median wealth for black Americans will fall to $0 by 2053

    – Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies

  • The Challenge

    Develop an innovative, sustainable and profit-generating solution that restructures how money moves in Black communities.

Money Moves Tracks

01. Banking & Value Transfer Systems

Scalable Business Ideas that disrupt and provide alternatives to traditional banking and financial systems. Inspiration from our Community:

  • Greenwood Bank

    Modern banking for the Culture. A digital mobile banking experience made for Black and Latino customers.

  • Bank Sou Sou

    Sou Sou helps banks and financial services companies leverage the power of AI, online communities and positive peer pressure to attract and retain new customer segments.

  • Kiddie Kredit

    Kiddie Kredit is a mobile app designed to educate children on the credit system by completing chores.

02. Jobs, Livelihoods & Employment Systems

Scalable Business ideas that provide an expanded set of options for income generation, gainful employment and meaning through work.

  • Jopwell

    Representing and advancing careers for Black, Latinx, Native American students and professionals.

  • Oneva

    A platform to elevate caregiving as an honorable and worthy profession that can be carried out in safety, with respect, and with a living wage by local independent business operators.

  • Meaningful Gigs

    A network connecting Africa’s best digital designers to global companies. We’ll handpick your distributed team and connect you with the designers that meet your needs.

03. Restructuring Markets

Scalable Business ideas that expand access to markets and center alternative commercial platforms or approaches to marketplaces.

  • Mercaris

    Mercaris was formed to address market infrastructure through up-to-date, accurate information on market conditions for organic and non-GMO commodities and our trading platform allows buyers and sellers to meet on-line and trade physical commodities.

  • Goodr

    Our technology gives you control of your surplus food, converts it back to savings for your company, reduces your carbon footprint and empowers your local community.

  • Squire

    Barbershop Point of Sale & Management System - Squire is a barbershop point of sale and management system that helps businesses improve operations.

Opening Sep 6, 2021

Tuskegee Challenge

Restructure, rethink, and rebuild clinical health participation for Black communities

Opening Oct 18, 2021

Building Fam Challenge

Restructure, rethink, and rebuild mental health resources and support networks in Black communities

Challenge Complete

Money Moves Challenge

Restructure, rethink, and rebuild how capital flows and is accessed in US Black communities.